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Staffing Statement regarding SARS‑CoV‑2 / COVID‑19 / 2019‑nCOV:
The Green Button Alliance offices are operating under normal business hours.
We wish everyone safety and wellness.

The Green Button Alliance offices will be closed:
December 23rd through January 2nd, inclusive.
If you have scheduled time with one of the GBA Staff members during the above dates, the meeting will still be held.  If you send an email or leave voice messages, we will respond as soon as possible in any case.
Thank you for your understanding.


Information about the Green Button Alliance, press releases, certification, and membership opportunities can be obtained from the following individuals:

Management, Membership, A/R, & A/P

Jeremy J. Roberts, General Manager & Executive Director

  • +1 215 918 1026 (EST/EDT)
  • Philadelphia Area
  • JRoberts(at)

Technical Services & Certification

Donald F. Coffin, Technical Manager

If you are interested in scheduling customized education or training with the GBA:
please contact Jeremy J. Roberts.

Public Relations, Events, & Marketing

Valdis Hellevik, PR/Marcom Manager

  • +1 650 868 0167 (PST/PDT)
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • VHellevik(at)

General Mailings, Payments, and Processing

Green Button Alliance, Inc.
PO Box 268
Jamison, PA 18929

GBA Board of Directors

The Green Button Alliance Mission, Purpose, and Direction is driven by a diverse and independent Board of Directors, dedicated to supporting the data-access and -sharing ecosystem of the Green Button standard (NAESB REQ.21 ESPI):

Green Button Alliance Board of Directors



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