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Member Spotlight


GBA member Brilliency easily connects electric, gas, and water utilities with their customers to streamline communications and transactions. Brilliency serves municipal and regional utilities, and utility customers worldwide. The Brilliency platform-as-a-service mobile and web apps help utilities with comprehensive analytics, demand-side management and customer engagement tools for small business and residential customers. For utility customers, Brilliency’s gamified app is a single, engaging place to track, gain dynamic insights, and optimize usage of electricity, gas and water.

Connecting Utilities to Customers

The Brilliency customer engagement and online portal enhances utilities’ existing customer management systems and payment portals by enabling utilities to streamline costs across service, efficiency, and consumption reporting; build relationships that drive enrollment in efficiency and demand response programs; and gather data and analytics to understand performance indicators. The platform can be customized for each utility and works with smart-meter data and historical data, including standardized Green Button energy consumption data. If the utility is new to mobile apps and digital assets, Brilliency can serve as the utility’s primary platform.

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Brilliency streamlines customer communications and transactions. Interested in knowing if customers have smart thermostats or EVs? Want to assist customers in sending in payments? How about enabling customers to report outages online? Do customers want to know more about their carbon footprint? Like to proactively inform customers about line-maintenance insurance, and make it easy to purchase? Brilliency is the solution.

Brilliency is an easy to add, bolt-on service – it enables utilities to connect with customers who have already downloaded the Brilliency mobile app. Once linked to customers with the app, utilities can immediately communicate with customers – including to promote new offerings, receive engagement reports, as well as to receive outage and leak reports and to send outage notifications. Utilities can sign up for a free utility trial account.

One App to View All Utilities

For small business and residential customers, the Brilliency app enables users to see their electricity, gas, and water in one app. Utilizing energy usage data, including Green Button data, customers can track and optimize their resource consumption and gain dynamic insights on how to save. The intuitive, gamified app makes it easy to report outages, send and receive messages, and find tips tailored for their property.

“Smart, sustainable cities of the future will rely on comprehensive energy data and insights which are required to implement and maintain efficiency programs that benefit people, businesses and the environment,” said Laura Steinbrink, CEO, Brilliency. “The benefits of combining data from multiple utilities is just beginning to become apparent and easy, digital access to standardized, highly accurate Green Button energy consumption data is a key enabler.”

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The Brilliency app is free and available now for download for utility customers on the App Store or Google Play. Brilliency is a participating company in the U.S. Department of Energy’s DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program. Follow Brilliency on LinkedIn and Twitter.