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Member Spotlight

Chai Energy


Chai Energy is a free mobile app empowering people with the tools to make better energy choices. Chai uses powerful analytics to process a customer's utility's Green Button Data, and delivers energy data directly to a customer's smartphone.  Chai helps customers visualize and understand their home's energy usage and makes energy saving recommendations based on actual energy consumption.

This summer

Chai launched "Power Pay Day" this summer: where Chai will pay customers to reduce their energy use during energy peak times!  It's really that simple. The app notifies customers when a "Power Pay Day" is approaching and makes suggestions on where the customer can cut down on their energy usage to maximize "Power Pay Day" earnings. Lastly, Chai will calculate a customer's energy savings, send customers a notification with usage details, and reward customers directly through the app. On average, customers save up to $7 to $10 dollars per Power Pay Day event.  

For solar customers

Chai not only tracks in-home energy usage, but it will also track solar generation for those who have gone solar.  Chai helps customers understand how much energy they use versus how much energy their system is producing.  Chai Solar collects solar data, and shows it alongside energy usage and temperature on a comprehensive graph. In addition, Chai will look at solar production over time and compare it to public weather data to determine when panels need to be cleaned, if any strings of panels fail, or to track the natural degradation of panels over time. This helps customers match demand to production, and understand the health of their solar system as well as achieve a maximum return on their solar investment.

The Chai Energy app is available from the App or Google Play Store.