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Member Spotlight



WattzOn is a software company that provides tools for consumers to authorize access to their utility data and its transfer to third parties, such as solar installers or connected home companies. WattzOn also has a suite of products that provide personalized consumer energy insights, including customized text messages, monthly utility data reports, and monthly solar savings reports. Covering 90% of U.S. homes, WattzOn is the leader in utility data access. With a fast-growing cleantech ecosystem, utility data is key to showing consumers how they can benefit from innovative products and services. WattzOn serves a critical function, with great attention to security and privacy protocols.

WattzOn has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for “Consumer Insights from Smart Meter Data,” and was a featured presentation at White House Energy DataPalooza for its early use of Green Button, and the consumer applications utility data enables. WattzOn is also an early adopter of DOE’s DataGuard Code of Conduct. WattzOn’s customers integrate utility data into their sales processes, and WattzOn easily integrates into CRM systems, bringing the benefits of consumer engagement experience to business partners.

Based in Mountain View, California, WattzOn has built automated and secure data connections to more than 215 utilities, via the same technologies used in the banking industry for personal financial management. In addition, WattzOn’s product suite delivers consumer energy engagement and energy savings. Recent program results include email open rates 3X industry averages and 8 – 12% energy savings (vs. a control group) from behavior changes alone.

Looking Forward

Consumers have an amazingly rich array of opportunities to save energy and money: rooftop solar, community solar, PACE financing, EVs, super-efficient HVAC, cool roofs and more. Utilities and their regulators are pioneering new partnerships with financing partners, solar companies and other third parties. Connected home players are also entering the consumer energy savings market.

Central to all of these consumer offerings are monetary savings, which must be presented and productized with data on the consumer’s actual energy use. WattzOn looks forward to playing a leadership role by providing secure and private data transfer that can be relied on by all parties, and by active participation in key industry consortia and standards bodies, such as the Green Button Alliance. A new ecosystem is forming that includes a changing utility business model, strong access to consumer financing for energy-smart products, and broader and deeper consumer engagement in energy savings. WattzOn looks forward to enabling data-driven products in this fast-changing sector.