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Personal BlackBox


Personal BlackBox (PBB) is a New York City-based technology firm and a member of the Green Button Alliance.

PBB is a Corporation for Public Benefit - a corporate status that drives its commitment to the environment and society as a whole.

We are all about data and trust. PBB was founded by Haluk Kulin, former Global Brand Manager at Unilever for over a decade. Haluk saw the value of data to Unilever but also acknowledged that consumers were not necessarily seeing an individual and personal benefit to having their data used.

He considered: what if the consumer had a virtual "Black Box" where they could offer their data securely to brands in exchange for a benefit - money or offers for their engagement? He further considered: what if brands could gain more accurate data and develop a more-trusted relationship with their consumers?

What if an enterprise like an Energy firm, could share their consumers' data readily with them? What if in addition to this data share, valuable educational information could be shared to help them live a more-sustainable life?

These questions form the genesis for the PBB ecosystem platform - where consumers, energy firms and brands all gain benefit from data share, through our energy app called Greenr. The Greenr mobile app resides on the platform and enables the consumer to connect to their energy data and begin a series of consumer journeys that provide valuable information on how to live a more-sustainable life. Articles, blog posts, quizzes and surveys on the app all offer an engaging, enjoyable, and goal-oriented experience.

So how does each party in the ecosystem benefit? Consumers gain valuable information on how to live a more-sustainable life and earn offers and monetary rewards. Brands develop a more-trusting and accurate relationship with their consumers. Energy companies build more personalized relationships with their customers. PBB's ecosystem platform uniquely enables everyone - consumers, brands and energy companies - to benefit by sharing data in a trusted and secure manner!

PBB is a proud member of the Green Button Alliance and applauds their work to get energy data into the consumer's hands. Visit PBB at www.PBB.me. Follow PBB on Twitter at @PBBCompany.