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Energyworx, based in the Netherlands and in the United States, are providers of the Energyworx SaaS-based platform that helps utilities and retailers navigate and monetize the energy transition. The Energyworx suite of Energy Data Management and Energy Intelligence Solutions utilize big data and machine learning to uncover the hidden value of data and deploy new business models. Energyworx is the only SaaS provider running business critical applications utilizing Pure Play cloud in a NoOps, server-less architecture with a continuous release cycle.

Energyworx Platform

Energyworx creates business value by improving data quality upon ingestion and applying unique, industry specific algorithms and machine learning models to better predict usage patterns, grid activity and customer behavior. Energyworx focuses on four main use cases: 

By utilizing the elasticity of the cloud, Energyworx scales up to meet any demand, allowing its customers to process more data in less time. Customers are only charged for the data they store and process, leading to 75% cost reductions when compared with established vendors.

Green Button & Datahubs

Energyworx is dedicated to the growth of Datahubs like Green Button as an industry best practice for securely exchanging data and transactions between consumers and the growing set of market parties. Energyworx has implemented and demonstrated several features critical for Datahub success and continues to improve its platform to power the next generation of Datahubs.

As the energy transition continues, the volume and diversity of data will rapidly expand, creating massive data quality challenges for all players in the energy sector. Standards like Green Button are critical for driving innovation through quick and secure data exchange. Energyworx is proud to support Green Button and expand its reach in the U.S. and Europe. Green Button provides Energyworx with another method for obtaining usage data that can be enriched with relevant meta data for context-enriched decision making.

"Creating a single, centralized view with tagged data—accessible to many, and for many use cases, that is the key to success."
– Edwin Poot, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Energyworx.

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