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Member Spotlight

Energy Toolbase

Energy Toolbase (ETB) is an industry-leading software platform for modeling and proposing the economics of solar and energy storage projects.  The company's software-as-a-service product is used by distributed energy organizations nationwide to accurately, objectively, and transparently analyze their projects.  Since launching less than three years ago, Energy Toolbase has rapidly grown and now serves over a thousand companies, including residential and commercial installers, developers, energy consultants, policy organizations, and utilities.

Energy Toolbase and Green Button Data

Energy Toolbase specializes in 'utility rate' and 'avoided cost' analysis, which often begins with using a Green Button Data file to reconstruct a customer's utility bill.  Having granular, interval meter data enables developers to perform the most-detailed level of analysis possible for their customer.  This allows ETB users to maximize the dollar savings and payback economics for their customer.

Energy Toolbase Demand Profile

Energy Toolbase Demand Profile

Many sophisticated distributed energy (DER) developers use Energy Toolbase to perform complex and layered analysis.  Granular data can be leveraged for many types of advanced use-cases, like optimizing the solar or energy storage system size based on a customer's unique load profile and utility rate-switching options, determining exported energy in new Net Energy Metering (NEM 2.0) scenarios, or ethically simulating the reduction of demand charges from solar photovoltaics. 

"We are huge evangelists of the Green Button Data standard.  Having Green Button Data is a prerequisite to accurately estimate dollar savings for many types of projects.  It's imperative for the growth of distributed energy resources that utilities and stakeholders continue to adopt and advance the Green Button Data standard."
– Adam Gerza, COO, Energy Toolbase.

Looking Forward

Energy Toolbase recently launched an integration with fellow Green Button Alliance member UtilityAPI which enables users to instantly import billing and usage data between both applications.  The companies co-hosted a webinar to demonstrate their new integration, entitled: The New Era of DER Project Development: Leveraging Green Button Data to Analyze Solar + Storage, TOU Rates & NEM 2.0 Scenarios.

The next big software update for Energy Toolbase was this month, when the company released a fully revamped energy storage module.  ETB unveiled their new release at the California Solar Power Expo on 1-2 May in San Diego.  ETB also hosted a training session on 2 May at 10:30am: "The New Era of DER Project Development."

To learn more about Energy Toolbase, see a product demo, or sign up for a free trial, visit www.energytoolbase.com.  Follow Energy Toolbase on LinkedIn, on Twitter, and on Facebook.