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Solar Analytics

With 14,000 sales, headquarters in Sydney, Australia and a US office in the Powerhouse incubator in Oakland, California, Solar Analytics is making serious inroads into helping householders and small businesses to connect with their solar and electricity.

With the majority of households experiencing high levels of stress around electricity bills, Solar Analytics uses solar and energy monitoring software to help people reduce their bills and keep their solar systems working to capacity. Solar Analytics does this by monitoring electricity consumption and overlaying that data with solar generation, solar exported and solar used in their home. Customers can access this data with an easy-to-understand interface on any device, anywhere.

The team's data scientists identify performance issues using their patented algorithms and local weather data to alert users about solar system problems as they start to occur.

This month Solar Analytics launched their iOS My Solar App in the Apple Store, providing a native app experience for their users, making it even easier to stay connected with their solar and energy.

Solar Analytics monitoring is also a key tool for the solar sales channel; solar retailers can provide their customers with confidence in their system quotation, and then ongoing system performance. They can keep an eye on their fleet and use real data to accurately quote for batteries and additional solar requirements. The software enables a long-term relationship between the solar retailer and customer, and customer and their solar.

"We're extremely pleased to be able to utilise Green Button Data as part of our analysis of residential and commercial electricity generation and consumption; this data forms an important part of our key value proposition to help customers to reduce their electricity bills and make the most of their home energy."
– Stefan Jarnason, CEO, Solar Analytics.

As Solar Analytics dives more deeply into the Smart Home Energy space with solar diversion to hot water systems, community solar and battery control, Green Button Data will be even more crucial to reach the wider marketplace.  Connect with Solar Analytics on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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